Adjustable foam control for precision foam dispensing
ABS plastic handle with comfortable grip
Teflon adapter basket makes it easier to attach and remove screw-on foam cans. Cleaning is easier too.
Professional Foam Dispensing Guns
> Ideal for hard to reach areas
> Teflon foam canister adapter
> Precision control foam dispensing
> Perfect for sub-floor installation
45" XL Extra Long Barrel


The FOAM N’ SEAL™ FNS850 is identical to the FNS800 except the gun barrel length. The FNS850 is 45 inches long compared to the 30-inch long FNS800. FNS850 extended barrel foam gun is great for applications that are difficult to reach. The 45-inch gun is also ideal for dispensing foam adhesive for sub-flooring installation. It minimizes back pain as the user can apply the foam adhesive while standing up. The stainless steel foam canister adaptor basket is Teflon coated to minimize foam build up, making it easier to clean the gun. It also makes it easier to attach and remove foam canisters.

The FNS850 foam insulation gun is a cheaper alternative to the Great Stuff Pro 14XL Long Barrel insulation foam gun, Touch ‘n Seal Sharpshooter Long Barrel gun foam applicator, Todol Pageris GU24, and the Tytan Pro Long Barrel foam gun.


■ TEFLON® coated non stick foam canister adapter
■ Stainless steel needle and check valve
■ Large back-screw mechanism with precise adjustable bead control and shut off feature
■ Stainless steel barrel with TEFLON coating for easy foam removal
■ Good bead control, allows variable bead size from 1/8″ to 3″
■ Lightweight reinforced aluminum body for better control and comfort
■ Less foam waste compared to straw dispensers
■ No post-dispensing foam drip
■ Reusable for up to 30 days


■ 24″ Gun barrel length (30-1/4″ barrel + gun control body assembly)
■ 1.875″ Wide (widest point)
■ 7.5″ high
■ Weights 1 Lb 11 Oz
■ Includes two 8″ long flexible plastic tube for extending the reach of gun (tubing attaches to the barbed dispenser tip). Two 2” long narrow tip plastic nozzle for fine foam dispensing.