Adjustable foam control for precision foam dispensing
ABS plastic body means lighter weight making it less tiring to hold for extended time
Plastic foam canister adapter
Foam Dispensing Gun
> Economical Series
> Lightweight
> Gets the Job Done
Perfect DIY Foam Gun


The FNS200 foam sealant dispenser is economical and lightweight, making it a joy to use, as it is less tiring to operate for an extended period of time. The foam gun dispenses insulating foam sealants or adhesives with ease with no post dripping. It is perfect for DIYers who use foam sealants occasionally or a one time project. The FNS200 foam insulation gun is a great alternative to entry-level insulating foam guns like the Dow GREAT STUFF™ Pro 13.


■ Economical. Perfect for a one time air-sealing weatherization project
■ Lightweight ABS plastic gun body
■ Foam dispensing control knob for variable foam bead size
■ Barbed dispenser tip for attaching an 8″ extension plastic tube for extended reach or use it with the two-inch narrow tip nozzle for filling narrow gaps or cracks
■ No post-dispensing foam drip resulting in less foam waste
■ Restartable for up to 30 days


■ 13.3″ Length
■ 7″ high
■ 6.63 oz
■ Includes two 8″ long flexible plastic tube for extending the reach of gun (tubing attaches to the barbed dispenser tip). Two 2” long narrow tip plastic nozzle for fine foam dispensing. Additional 8″ plastic straws and 2″ narrow tip nozzles are available for purchase via our online store

Optional 8″ plastic extension straw tubes (sold in pack of 5)


Optional 2″ narrow tip nozzle (sold in pack of 10)



* GREAT STUFF is a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company